Request Childcare

As a collective we provide childcare mainly for grassroots organizations and community events. We prioritize childcare for low/no-income communities, non-status and immigrant communities, communities of colour, and queer and trans communities. If your group is looking for childcare email us below.

The most important goal of the childcare collective is allowing kids and caregivers to participate in social justice organizing by providing reliable politicized childcare.  But another goal is to address the fact that childcare is often overlooked and undervalued in our communities, so we ask groups that have significant budgets consider offering honorariums for childcare providers. But if your group doesn’t have a budget for childcare, don’t worry, we are happy to offer childcare to all.

Also our collective isn’t very adept at providing last minute childcare for events, so the earlier you get in touch  the more likely we will be able to help you out.