About Us

The aim of the childcare collective is to offer strategic childcare as a response to the fact that childcare is frequently overlooked, underappreciated, and unlikely to be prioritized. Our intentions are to meet the specific needs of parents, caregivers, youth, and children, including but not limited to low-income communities, non-status and immigrant communities, communities of colour, and queer and trans communities.

The collective started as an informal group of individuals committed to the importance of providing childcare in the activist community. In the fall of 2004, a working group was formed to work on programming for kids and parents for the Anarchist Bookfair.

Since then the childcare collective has offered childcare every year for the anarchist bookfair, many community events, and for other QPIRG working groups and also has put together many kid-focused events including a summer camp and workshops. We also have a collection of radical children’s books that we keep at QPIRG Concordia. Stop by QPIRG to read or borrow any of our books.